Transform a cloud. For more information, use: pcl_transform_point_cloud -h
Syntax is: pcl_transform_point_cloud input.pcd output.pcd <options>
where options are:
-trans dx,dy,dz           = the translation (default: 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)
-quat w,x,y,z             = rotation as quaternion
-axisangle ax,ay,az,theta = rotation in axis-angle form
-scale x,y,z              = scale each dimension with these values
-matrix v1,v2,…,v8,v9   = a 3×3 affine transform
-matrix v1,v2,…,v15,v16 = a 4×4 transformation matrix
Note: If a rotation is not specified, it will default to no rotation.
If redundant or conflicting transforms are specified, then:
-axisangle will override -quat
-matrix (3×3) will take override -axisangle and -quat
-matrix (4×4) will take override all other arguments