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After Installation of Vrui, execute “work” in folder.

Download site for Vrui

【how to use】

LidarPreprocessor -np 4096 -o 07MD711+712.LiDAR -auto 07MD711+712.las

LidarPreprocessor -np 4096 -o 07MD711+712.LiDAR -xyzrgb 07MD711+712.txt

LidarIlluminator -radius 5 07MD711+712.LiDAR

LidarViewer 07MD711_org.LiDAR

【convert txt to las】

txt2las –parse xyz -i -o 07MD711_org.las

【Operation in LidarViewer】

Press and hold “z” but do not click the mouse to pan the crosshairs around


The LiDAR Viewer Manual