Robert’s Rules

1.All members have equal rights, privileges and obligations.

2.Rules must be administered impartially.

3.Full and free discussion of all motions, reports, and other items of business is a right of all members.

4.The simplest and most direct procedure should be used.

5.Logical precedence governs the introduction and disposition of motions.

6.Only one question can be considered at a time.

7.Members may not make a motion or speak in debate until they have risen and been recognized by the chair and thus have obtained the floor.

8.No one may speak more than twice on the same question on the same day without the permission of the full assembly. No one may speak a second time on the same question if any one who has not spoken on that question wishes to do so.

9. Members must not attack or question the motives of other members. Customarily, all remarks are addressed to the presiding officer.

10. In voting, members have the right to know at all times about what motion is before the assembly and what an affirmative or negative vote means.